Message from Administrator's Desk

Mr. Bal Krishan Aggarwal

Welcome to English Segment. As a part of global language we are dedicated to delivering educational excellence. We offer our wide range of resources for the enhancement of your English, support your teaching and learning. English is a global language that opens many portals both personal & professional. Those who can speak, read & write English can explore new range of vision & new career paths with  their skill in the language. There were times when one could function without learning to speak and write English. But in the present Era of globalisation, it is difficult to succeed in most jobs without sufficient confidence in using English. English has become the passport to lucrative jobs. English is the language of change. It has marshalled modern thoughts by becoming the instrument of questioning age old practices, political and social, which had outlived their role.

Language is basically an instrument of communication. The usage of language is about providing words to our thoughts. As John French said, " Words are the leaves of the tree of language, of which, if some fall away, a new succession takes their place." Communication has become the buzz word in contemporary times. Since English has evolved as a means for international communication, the teaching of different skills which aid communication becomes vital for our learners. Once learners have developed reasonable proficiency in a language, literary skills can be developed.  English segment strives to provide a unique approach to teaching and learning  English.

 English Segment  is driven by  an earnest commitment to:

  • delivering educational eminence
  • providing larger opportunities for learner and teachers
  • promoting language learning to benefit society as a whole


Bal Krishan Aggarwal