• 21st century learner must be supported in acquiring knowledge of curricular contents as well as life and career skills. A Teacher should visualize learners in a global context and groom them accordingly. Preparation such learners pose challenges to our pre-service and in service teacher education. Therefore our pre-service and in service teacher education curriculum should be revamped accordingly. Technology definitely exposes us to local and global realities and innovations in the field of education. A Technology mediated teaching learning process is a must in teacher education as well as in school education. "The era of 'teacher's word' is over now." This statement is debatable. As nothing can replace the teacher in real classroom situation. a small child still believes in the ideas given by the teacher in the class and he religiously follows them. Moreover, only technology is not enough to win the students. Point of views express by a teacher in the classroom still matters a lot. We may be in the 21st century but we can’t ignore the role of the teacher. Although technology is playing a vital role in shaping the students and their thoughts. A teacher can combine the subject matter, his knowledge and modern technology to make the learning process bombastic i.e. wonderful and effective. Today the teacher is supposed to act as a guide and facilitator in the classroom and let the students go ahead and explore themselves. Technology has played an important role in this change as it provides a wider scope for exploration to students as well as teachers. Technology has also played an important role to make the learning process child centered. Today the new generation even in rural areas use technology tools. So it is a great challenge before teachers to guide the students in right direction and let them know and use the technology tools to enhance their learning.

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    Yes a teacher is a manager of classroom he/she has to plan, organize, direct and control the activities of the classroom only than the goal of teaching can be achieved. If a teacher is a good manager than objectives of class room can be achieved otherwise a bad manager can even destroy the objective of teaching.

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    That's absolutely true. All this proves at least one thing for sure that a teacher is supposed to be versatile and have a lot of skills. A teacher is not only a teacher anymore. She is more of a facilitator and friend to the students. The role of teacher is changing dramatically. The long time established beliefs are now being discarded which were earlier considered as the guiding principles of the whole education system. Now the role of a teacher is not limited to teaching a subject specific and develop skills related to the subject but also to take responsibility of developing almost every aspect of her students' personality. Being a subject expert only does not fulfill the needs of this demanding job. she must have equal knowledge of other areas such as child psychology, philosophy, sociology and of course education technology.

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